About Annecy

Annecy is a global cooperative of writers, content strategists, designers, cult-brand hobbyists, and adventurers.

Our Team

Every member of our team brings something valuable to the table. Annecy is a team of digital nomads, freelancers, and consultants. From California to Bali, we bring on the best.


We value bold writing and genuine connection. While other copywriters and agencies dive straight in without due diligence, we take the time to understand. Annecy’s branding will bridge the gap for your customers.

The Cooperative

Our global team of artists, writers, designers and creators.

Costa Ciminiello

Project Manager, Video Production

Jillian Sauer

Social Media Manager, Production Artist

Philip Sullivan

UI/UX, Graphic Design, Art Direction

Marcella Denigris

Graphic Designer, Art Director

Work Process

01. Brand Strategy

Want to build a brand that lasts? You need to put in the work up front. We audit your current state, research the competition, and discuss the vision with your key stakeholders. Our methodology meets at the intersection of industry best practices and modern psychology. Annecy helps you articulate your complex ideas and sharpen them into a specific message.

02. Brand Creation

Branding is more than an aesthetically pleasing logo. It needs to be multidimensional and all-encompassing. Branding works best when the design, content, personality, color choices, layout, and messaging work together in coordination. We help identify your value proposition, core values, brand drivers, mission statement, and so much more.

03. Digital Experiences

We believe in a "Brand First, Marketing Second" mindset. The content we use to portray a business shapes the way they interact with customers. Branding shapes the way this content is created. Annecy develops custom content packages that meet any needs. As buzzwords are a waste of pixels, we use compelling brand voices to drive engagement.