Annecy helps define your company’s purpose. We analyze your competition, dive into market research, and ensure your offerings stand out. If you don’t have solid brand positioning, then you’re building your house on sand.


We create a voice that is relevant, bold, and contagious. Our creative process employs a Myers-Briggs approach to crafting brand personality. If you don’t  define your brand values, then your customers will do it for you.

Sales Decks

If you need to close qualified leads or secure funding, we offer a tested solution. Annecy’s branded and customizable slides are granular, yet comprehensive. All of our clients have won their first two pitches. Our work pays for itself.

SEO Web Copy

At Annecy, we find the right signals within your SEO noise. We understand that high-ranking content must also balance creativity, engagement, and connection. Our writing satisfies these objectives and more importantly, reinforces your brand values.

Email Campaigns

As your message arrives in someone’s inbox, recognize that you’re likely an unwelcome intruder. When used correctly, email marketing can be powerful. People should look forward to opening your messages. Our campaigns create value for your end-user.

Content Plans

Content is king. Our articles can help establish your company as an authority on almost any subject matter. While PPC offers fast returns, SEO-tailored writing is ultimately the cheaper route for long-term brand recognition.


Does your brand need a make-over?

We work with amazing designers, UI/UX gurus, and artists to give your brand the look and feel that you need.

Content Plans

The right content at the right time.

We offer customizable monthly content plans for your business needs. Whether that means case studies, blogs, SEO articles, email campaigns, or something else, our team knows how to connect you with your customers.