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You have something to say. Annecy knows how to say it.


Annecy helps define your company’s purpose. We analyze your competition, dive into market research, and ensure your offerings stand out. If you don’t have solid brand positioning, then you’re building your house on sand.


We create a voice that is relevant, bold, and contagious. Our creative process employs a Myers-Briggs approach to crafting brand personality. If you don’t define your brand values, then your customers will do it for you.

Sales Decks

If you need to close qualified leads or secure funding, we offer a tested solution. Annecy’s branded and customizable slides are granular, yet comprehensive. All of our clients have won their first two pitches. Our work pays for itself.

UX Copywriting

At Annecy, we find the right signals within SEO noise. We understand that high-ranking content must also balance creativity, engagement, and connection. Our writing satisfies these objectives while reinforcing your brand values.


Websites make it real. Our cooperative can build interesting, on-brand websites via Webflow, Shopify, WordPress & more. Through intentional design and copywriting, we proactively help people avoid the back button.

Content Plans

Content is king. Our articles can help establish your company as an authority on almost any subject matter. While PPC offers fast returns, SEO-tailored writing is ultimately the cheaper route for long-term brand recognition.

The Cooperative

Annecy is a global cooperative of writers, content strategists, designers, cult-brand hobbyists, and adventurers.

Our Team

Since we are a 100% remote team, we are not restricted by geography or borders. We work with the best of the best, no matter where they are located.


We value bold writing and genuine connection. Annecy’s branding bridges the gap for your customers.

Work Process

Branding First. Marketing Second.

01. Positioning Phase

Want to build a brand that lasts? You need to put in the work up front. We audit your current state, research the competition, and discuss the vision with your key stakeholders. Our methodology meets at the intersection of industry best practices and modern psychology. Annecy helps you articulate your complex ideas and sharpen them into a specific message.

02. Brand Creation

Branding is more than an aesthetically pleasing logo. It needs to be multidimensional and all-encompassing. Branding works best when the design, content, personality, color choices, layout, and messaging work together in coordination. We help identify your value proposition, core values, brand drivers, mission statement, and so much more.

03. Content Marketing

We believe in a "Brand First, Marketing Second" mindset. The content we use to portray a business shapes the way they interact with customers. Branding shapes the way this content is created. Annecy develops custom content packages that meet any needs. As buzzwords are a waste of pixels, we exclusively use compelling brand voices to drive engagement.


See what our clients are saying:

"Absolutely love working with the Annecy Agency! They took the time to get to know my brand and understand the details of the project. They're professional, personable and skilled. I look forward to working with them again. It's tough not to love them."

Chiara Cammarata

Ops Optimized

"Very impressed with Annecy Agency. They followed my instructions to the T and their creative input was spot on! I will definitely hire again, as they wrote incredibly well for my brand."

Victoria Taylor

Glyph Salons

We've been working with Annecy for the past year and have found them incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Nick Cron

CEO of Nextup.ai

Annecy was such a pleasure to work with! They were professional and timely, but what set them apart was their dedication to our mission and passion for what they do. I chose to work with Annecy because they connected with our brand, and that really came through with their designs. I look forward to working with them again once work on our website begins!

Jean Seney

Vintage Wine & Books

Annecy's experience, adherence to our strict timelines, and content quality make them the perfect partner. We’ve had over 35 SEO rich articles created by Annecy. All have exceeded our expectations. If you are looking for a turnkey solution for marketing and content creation, look no further!

Wayne Kowlaski

Vacation Thailand

Annecy has helped greatly with our company-wide rebrand process. They dived deep into our core branding aspects to help us discover and understand our brand better. Not only that, they have also helped us with competitor research, packaging updates, and much more. They help us to manage our voice on the internet with juicy content and have become integral members of our team.

Dan Eymel

CEO of ForChics

Trusted by world’s best brands


Does your brand need a make-over?

We work with amazing designers, UI/UX gurus, and artists to give your brand the look and feel that you need.

Content Plans

The right content at the right time.

We offer customizable monthly content plans for your business needs. Whether that means case studies, blogs, SEO articles, email campaigns, or something else, our team knows how to connect you with your customers.


Annecy handles the brand, so you can focus on creating.

Foster Daly

Head of Content

Lauren Ritchie

Head of Branding


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